Cleaning services

NCC provides a quality cleaning service in Thailand for the commercial sector. Our company specializes in offering a range of cleaning services for offices, factories, councils, leisure centers, shops, schools, colleges, universities, restaurants & pubs as well as for real estate. We manage a variety of sites from those requiring one cleaner up to those requiring 10 or many more cleaners.

NCC will arrange a survey of your premises free of charge and provide you with a detailed specification and quotation for your individual site. We have the expertise to provide you with a complete service, taking charge of all your cleaning requirements to your exacting standards ensuring the smooth running of your business. To make sure that all your requirements are met, we make regular meetings with our customers. Especially we do that in early stages of the contracts. We will place our supervisors to make sure that the cleaning is done accordingly.

Before the service starts, our Contract Manager will visit your place and then monitor on regular intervals during the time of our contract to assure NCC’s quality standards and the client’s requirements are met.
Our aim is to continuously develop better ways to make cleaning more efficient and effective. One way is through our qualified and experienced teams; all our cleaners are well-trained and taught by experts with knowledge in cleaning service, chemical and equipment use. Moreover, our cleaners are supervised regularly & monitored by our supervisors. We have cleaners available on short notice to cover emergencies any day of the week.

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