Allocation of cleaners

The following procedures not only illustrate how our cleaning staffs are systematically allocated, but also acts as an information guideline for our clients.

1. Information such as names and quantity of the head cleaner & the cleaners are reported to the client.
2. The client will also be given a copy of the allocated head cleaner & the cleaners’ work history which should consist of a copy of house registration document, a copy of identification card and a recent photo of less than six months old.
3. ‘NCC cleaning service’ uniform pinned with identity card, white shoes and socks must be worn by both male and female cleaning staffs.
4. Supervisors must wear the uniform pinned with identity card with which the company bears the expenses of uniform tailoring.
5. In the case of switching or replacement of resigned cleaners, our client will be informed in advance and sent the new set of cleaners’ employment history.

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