Cleaning Services
We offer professional cleaning on regular contractual basis or just one-off service for most of the commercial premises.

Regular cleaning
Regular office cleaning includes general and thorough cleaning duties in your office on daily/weekly/fortnightly basis.
1. Daily cleaning consists of general cleaning such as sweeping, wiping, mopping, vacuuming, getting rid of rubbish, and all the time paying attention to cleanliness.
2. Weekly cleaning includes ceiling cleaning, washing rubbish bin, wiping cupboard top, floor vanishing, toilets and bathroom disinfecting.
3. Monthly cleaning is made up of carpet dry cleaning, floor sanitization, carpet stain removal.
4. Occasional cleaning (Once every 4 to 6 months)comprises of floor washing, floor coating, carpet cleaning using the ‘extraction’ method, car park cleaning and window cleaning for high-rise buildings which is applicable if stated in the agreed contract.
5. Public Amenities Cleaning such as international convention centers

One-off cleaning

One off office cleaning is required by the clients who do not need a regular cleaning at their working places, but they book one when a need arises. It is suitable for not very busy environments or places with rare used areas.

List of Cleaning Services:
1. Office cleaning which includes general cleaning equipment and chemicals by permanently stationed cleaners
2. Carpet cleaning for offices
3. Furniture(chairs, sofa, etc.) cleaning.
4. Floor cleaning (all types)
5. Office cleaning before opening for operation
6. Apartment room cleaning service
7. Window Cleaning (both interior & exterior)
8. Convention center cleaning (during or after trade show) only at Queen Sirikit Convention Center, BITEC and Impact International Convention Center (Muang Thongtanee)

Our services are flexible and are adapted to your particular requirements.
We can work in early mornings, lately evenings, weekends – hours and time to suit you. NCC staff is trained and experienced and will always follow your specifications and instructions

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