Training course for professional cleaners

Training course is carried out on a monthly basis to ensure cleaning meets our quality standard level. Experts are invited to speak about recent discovery in the cleaning industry, including the topics of ‘manners with clients’, ‘psychology in management’ and ‘effective cleaning theories’. In the form of physical practice, we invite experts on cleaning chemicals and equipments to educate our potential cleaners not only the right and professional ways to clean but also how to care for the equipments after use.

Additionally after the training, the head cleaners and supervisor will carry out on-the-job training concentrating mainly on appropriate manners and any aspect of the job that needs improvement. As a result, cleaning staff are able to learn from their mistakes, leading to self-development and efficiency. Moreover, we have supervisors checking on the cleaners’ efficiency and progress at least twice a month to ensure our clients’ satisfaction for our service. To guarantee satisfaction, the client’s representative is inquired about any problems encountered with our cleaning service or the cleaning staff and able to make suggestions on how particular service can be improved. This information received is to be recorded on the ‘inspection card’ and signed by the client’s representative.

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