List of Security Guarding Services
NCC provides services to both domestic and commercial clients.

Static Security Retail Security
Mobile Foot Patrols Residential Areas Security
VIPís Security Events Security
Receptionist Services Installation of Security Equipment

Security Guarding Procedures
1.  When there is a need for guarding services in the building and within the vicinity, there will be:
  Check points at both building entrance and exit.
  Static security guards for open-spaced areas in the building, office areas at both entrance and exit, in front of all elevators.
  Installation of Close Circuit Television System in multilevel storey buildings.
  24-hour patrolling for the front region of the building, including all emergency exits within the building and vicinity.
2. When there is a need for guarding services externally /outside the building, there will be:
  Static security guards at both main entrance and exit
  Check points around the building
  Lighting adjustment service around the building
  Installation of Close Circuit Television System in open space areas to reduce manpower
  Security warning system outside the building
3. In case of emergency situations,
  protection plan/procedures is determined
  action guidelines determined
  cooperation with related associations such as local police, firefighters, local mayor, soldiers, hospitals, governmental and private aids associations
  regular training in case of emergency
4. when guarding convention center/trade show
  standard procedures/plan set for each individual show
  take note of people and cars entering and leaving, especially goods transition before and after the show
  ensure the safety of goods by taping the booths (clients need to fill in application form for this service)
  petrol check for suspicious figures to prevent crimes
  cooperate with police force in reporting crimes and brining criminals to justice
  reliable and completed report after each show
Supporting personnel will station at Queen Sirikit Convention Center, Impact International Convention Center (Muang Thongtanee) in case of any need for extra help from the assigned teams. These supporting teams are also immediately available upon any trade fairs in the mentioned convention centers and special events; for assistance to complete an urgent task.  

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